Give a GIFT that will CHANGE a life!

Give a GIFT that will CHANGE a life! image

Your gift to YMEN is an INVESTMENT in leaders like Derrick!

For 27 years, YMEN has been equipping the next generation in North Lawndale for leadership. Each child that walks through our doors is welcomed into the YMEN Family where they find a lifelong relationship of love and acceptance. YMEN believes that we have a moral responsibility to equip these emerging leaders with the educational skills, mentoring relationships, spiritual guidance, and the physical safe spaces where they can flourish as they mature into dynamic community leaders.

The answer to the problems of today -- have already arrived. They are young men like Derrick and young women like Amber. Will you join us in investing in them with your time, talent, and treasure?

We may not have it all-together, but TOGETHER we have it ALL!

Consider becoming part of the YMEN family. And for those of you who are already "IN" - thank you for your faithful support!